How do I secure a house?

Once you have viewed a house that you like, the equivalent of £100 per person required to reserve it. Don’t worry this money is refundable when you have paid your deposit. The holding deposit is there to show that you are serious about taking the house. Our properties are in high demand and there could be other groups willing to take it. Please bear in mind that you will lose this money if you fail to sign the contract.

How long is the tenancy?

Tenancies typically runs for between 50-52 weeks, usually starting in July or August of each year.

How much deposit is required?

The deposit is 5 weeks rent and is required within 30 days of reserving the property. When renting a house with Surrey Student Homes you will have piece of mind that your deposit is registered through an authorised scheme. You can find more information about the scheme at www.mydeposits.co.uk. By ensuring that the house is clean, tidy, nothing is broken and all bills have been covered will result in your deposit being returned in full and quickly.

When is the first months rent required?

You will have to ensure that the first months rent is received into our account at least one day before the start of your contract. The keys cannot be released unless the first months rent has been received.

How do we pay the rent?

The rent needs to be paid by standing order every month from your bank account to our bank account. It needs to be paid in one payment for the entire house rent. Many students find it easier to set up a house bank account for rent, bills, shared expenses etc.

What are my responsibilities? 

The tenancy contract will list all of your responsibilities. However when it comes to general care of the property the following are some (but not all!) of things expected to avoid yourself unnecessary charges:

  • Changing light bulbs
  • Change vacuum bag or filter
  • Clean the washing machine filter
  • Minimise the risk of mould by reducing condensation
  • Programming your own heating and water
  • If your radiators are cold or luke warm then ensure the valve is open and that you have released any trapped air by bleeding the radiator
  • Keep your keys safe, the cost of any replacement keys and locks will be your responsibility

What other costs are there?

Most of the houses do not include bills. Our recommendation from the information provided by our previous tenants experience is to budget about £10 per person per week for bills. This will cover your gas, electricity, water and broadband. Of course this is dependent on how you use these services, however the £10 does represent a good guide.

What do we do if we have a problem?

If you have a maintenance problem with the house e.g. boiler stops working, leaky tap then please contact us at maintenance@surreystudenthomes.com. If there is an emergency you must call us immediately. Please remember some basic things you will be expected to deal with for example when your bulbs need replacing.

My housemate won’t pay their rent?

The tenancy contract is a single agreement, which means you have a joint tenancy. Therefore you all have the same rights and responsibilities. For aspects such as the rent you are all equally responsible for ensuring that the rent is paid on time and in full. Therefore choosing trusted housemates is key for a stress free year.